Air freight 


United Logistic Company - provides international Air Cargo to any  of 175 countries  of the world by  Scheduled Airlines Flights

Applying by our experience in air transportation, ULC has the following advantages:


- competitive rates for air freight;

- cooperation with the major airlines of the world;

- from door to door - we monitor your shipment from  departure to arrived  cargo to the final point to the recipient on the appointed day;

- door to  airport - we provide a high level of service and control of your cargo from the moment the fence the shipment before arrival at the destination airport.




Today, we offer both international and local delivery of tangible assets to any location. Transportation routes can be very diverse: air freight from Ukraine, airlines from Europe and Asia, and much more. By using our services, we guarantee the safety and efficiency of delivery of your shipments. All cargos are insured by the Air Companies, so in the case of force majeure the customer can be assured of full compensation.



- air transport provides the highest speed of delivery compared to other modes of transport. This is especially true in the case of delivery of perishable shipments, medicines, shipments  of high value parts for the repair of faulty equipment, etc. In the case of air cargo distance between the point of departure and destination does not matter much, because air transportation between any airports are usually carried out at no more than a day. Most often, the general term of delivery by air to a greater extent depends on the time of preparation of cargo for shipment at the airport of departure and the processing time and shipping them to wait a connecting flight at a transit  airport than the time the goods are in a direct way on board the aircraft;

- for air there is virtually no inaccessible corners of the planet. The only condition for the feasibility of air traffic is the presence in the regions of the sender and the recipient's International Airport. But even if the airport is not in the immediate vicinity of the sender / recipient, air transportation is used in combination with other modes of transport to deliver cargo between origin / destination and the airport;

- air freight transport for maximum safety of cargo compared to all other modes of transport. The fact that the level of security measures and quality warehouse equipment in all the international airports of the world is much higher compared with the railways, seaports, and car terminals.










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