Sea  shipping

Container shipping characterized by reliability and low price compared to other modes of transport. To date, international container shipping demand for the transportation of a wide range of goods from South-East Asia, USA, Canada and others.

For sea transport, depending on the specific cargo, various types of containers: 20'dv, 40'dv, 40'HC, 20- and 40-foot refrigerated containers, such as Open Top and Flat Rack. Our specialists will provide you with full information on this issue and will pick up the necessary equipment.

Stable partnerships with leading container lines allow us to quote competitive rates and to optimize delivery time depending on the direction.

Our agents, representatives of which are located in all ports of Southeast Asia, the United States and the largest port in Europe, along with your sender all issues related to the shipment, will accelerate the flow of empty containers for loading, ensure the rapid exchange of information and workflow.


What are we do?!

  • Provide competitive sea freight rates;

· Calculate the optimal route of marine transportation;

· We organize Port forwarding in ports;

· Submit the necessary container equipment in ports;

· Calculate and draw up stowage plan for carriage in bulk;

· We provide survey services in the port of departure and port of arrival of goods;

· Carry out the correct amount of rolling stock for the export of goods from the port cities;

· To make payment of port operations and terminal rates in Ukrainian and foreign ports;

· Customs Clearance of goods arriving on ships.


!!!You can find details by calling 380 504 469 183.


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