Transport Outsourcing


This is a kind of perpetual motion machine for business.

We offer you the "Transportation outsourcing" (outsourcing - is the transfer of non-core activities, specific companies).

Depending on the service and support services, with a one-time, sporadic, random and limited beginning and the end, outsourcing is usually transferred the functions of the professional support of trouble-free operation of individual systems or infrastructure on the basis of long-term contract

The main source of cost savings with the help of outsourcing is to increase the efficiency of the enterprise as a whole and the emergence of the possibility of release the appropriate institutional, financial and human resources to develop new directions, or to concentrate on existing requiring attention.

       Also no secret that own transport much of their time idle. This is due both to the mode of operation, and with maintenance. Referring also to the service outsourcing transportation support your company, you get your own transport department with qualified personnel who will always help to solve all the necessary tasks, provide advice or give advice, organizes the whole supply chain.

 It is some common things about which you no longer need to worry:

- Payment of taxes on the environment;

- Payment of vehicle tax;

- The acquisition and implementation of vehicle maintenance;

- Control and optimization of the cost of fuel and lubricants;

- Selection and recruitment of drivers - professionals;

- Replace the drivers on vacation or illness;

- Formation of any reporting on the transport department;

- Control of the drivers on the route;

- Urgent replacement of a broken car on the serviceable;

 The main advantages of outsourcing transport:

- Guarantees constant uptime (no concept of vacation and sick);

- Major savings in time (you can buy ready-made solutions, infrastructure);

- Transparency of decisions (estimated process is a result of the shelf);

- Change of supplier (outsourcing) is easier than changing personnel. When outsourcing company significantly reduces their risks (sharing with outsourcer);

 - No more headaches.

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